Current Events

 CNN- What’s behind Obama’s immigration reform push?

     Immigrant reform bills have been around for years, but only a few have passed. President Obama is pressing to have an immirgation reform passed this year to provide economic equity. The immigration bill will force illegal immigrants to either leave the United States or become legal residents. This will provide equality for all citizens, as illegal immigrants do not pay taxes. President Obama’ s immigraton bill will provide economic equity for the society. 

NYC, Austin added to Volt ‘launch’

     GM has chosen 5 areas to launch the Chevy Volt in November, including NYC, Michigan, DC, and Austin. GM answers the three fundamental questions of economics through their production of the Chevy Volt. GM shows economic efficency by using resources that are avaliable. For example, GM has chosen to invest $121 million into its Detroit- Hamtramck factory which will provide jobs and help the economy. The Volts will be limited to 8 thousand so that charging stations will be avaliable for all users. GM’s Chevy Volt promotes economic efficency and answers the three fundamental questions.–Austin-added-to-Volt–launch

 Detroit 3 look East beyond China

     Detroit’s auto companies have decided to create new markets for American cars in ASEAN. They answer the three fundamental questions of economics as they produce cars for ASEAN which consists of 10 countries that have a combined population of 550 million people. American auto companies produce smaller, more fuel efficent cars to match the Japanese and Malaysian cars that make up the majority of the market there. American cars are produced in Thailand to be sold to the population in ASEAN. American car companies answer the three fundamental questions as they produce cars for ASEAN.

 Asia-Pacific region embraces use of credit and debit cards

The credit and Debit card revolution is spreading across Asia, causing more spending and less saving. These cards have become status symbols and are used for almost all purchases. The revolution promotes economic growth and innovation but the government needs to provide economic security for those who overspend and fall into debt. Credit and Debit cards can be both good and bad as they promote spending which can help or hurt the economy.


How Microsoft crowdsourced Office 2010

     Microsoft’s new Office 2010 shows innovation and efficency. Microsoft answered the three fundamental questions of economics by asking users for their input. Over 9 million people tested the new program on the Office beta and they submitted over 2 million comments to help improve it. The new program shows innovation in how the product is developed and effiency by using the public opinion to improve the product.

  1. rae says:

    In the article “NYC, Austin added to Volt ‘launch’” was the goal/value of economic innovation and growth used?

  2. jolee1234 says:

    The Chevy Volt is an electric car which will innovate the current car market and differenciate the economy, as gas stations will start to have electric car chargers instead.

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